Pause_Multitouch Screen Experience
+++ 2011 The Creativity International 41st Media & Interactive Awards, Platinum

"Pause" is a simple multitouch screen experience that brings the ways of playing where technology did not exist
on people's mind and merges them with current technology. This project hopefully involves people into a natural
relationship between their playing experiences from childhood and the current technology. I use a paper plane
as a metaphor for innocence and a lost paradise. Programming help from Seungho Choo

Multitouch screen_DIY from woojinlee on Vimeo.

Pause Screen Mode from woojinlee on Vimeo.

Multitouch screen_DIY from woojinlee on Vimeo.

"Pause" Promotion Flyer_Experimental Jetset Pratt Workshop, April 2010

This flyer was created through TLA (Three Letter Acronym) Experimental Jetset Pratt Workshop, April 2010.
I used actual pause symbol as an acronym for the word "Pause." Origami type of solution also represents
tangible expression of the meaning for this project.

"Pause" DIY touch screen showcase & interior

Materials: Cardboard box, PS3 webcam, mirror, two black light with clamps, projector