Nari Sushi, California

Eat Meets West. Sushi is chic, fresh and quick. 
And Nari Sushi is beautiful and bountiful by design.

The more we love sushi, the more fish must be sourced. That's why it's all the more important to Nari Sushi to only use seafood 
only from sources set up to maintain or nourish production. Our fish comes from Australia, Canda and Alaska—all known for their exceptional quality and natural processes, and all located closer to our chefs…and to your plate.

Enjoying sushi should feel like a present. And our earth is a gift that we must treasure. Nari Sushi pledges to honor our planet by not only using naturally raised fish and organic ingredients but also eco-friendly containers and supplies. Nari Sushi strives for our
process and product to be sustainable. Every bite, every dish, every day.

Nari Sushi is a member-owned cooperative. Together, our members share profits that Nari Sushi works to give back in our communities. When you share Nari Sushi over a meal, we share your support and give back to projects and places in need.