Mother Nature

Mother Nature can be either a mat or toy for children, which has a forever-nurturing story. Three different units can be combined to form an infinite number of arrangements and sizes, as large or as small as the children describe. The interesting advance in Mother Nature is that each foam piece is fully integrated by itself. This aspect makes Mother Nature a very unique and sensitive product. Mother Nature can function well as ambience by focusing customers’ desires. The three basic pieces connect with each other in various ways. Thus, each complete product can be different, depending upon how the customer chooses to combine the distinct pieces. It can be a rectangle, triangle, circle or 3D object as well. This aspect makes Mother Nature a more interactive object from the customer’s point of view. Small scaled 36 Individual pieces are connected each other with wraping the actual product as a package.

Campaign for the launching of Mother Nature - Environmentally friendly -the three posters represent water, air, and fire that are basic elements of Mother Nature.

The name implies nurturing and the design says sophisticated. The key attribute is warmth, growth, and humanism.
The typefaces are clean to minimal - like product design based on the modular system.
Then, the logo expression tells the nurturing story.




The set of stationery is an exclusive line for VIP in the luanching period of Mother Nature.