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NY2587days : A record of creative encounters in NY

Written by Woojin Lee
Release Date: January 27, 2014
Publisher: G colon book
Format: 153 x 215 mm
Features: 386 pages, full color
Language: Korean
Price: 22,000 (KRW)
ISBN: 978-89-98656-16-4 03600

G: (g colon) Vol. 65 August, 2012 | Idea+ I = Idea!
NewYork in Conversation: George Lois
Interview by Woojin Lee + Joseph Burwell ----------------------> PDF


reddot design award: Design Concept
reddot design award (Augmented Reality): Spatial Flashcards

An augmented interactive learning tool for children

GATEWAY, The Community Newsletter of Pratt Institute


  The 41st Creativity Media & Interactive Awards
  Platinum Award (Augmented Reality): Pause, Multitouch Screen Experience in Public Sector
  Silver Award (Apps, Entertainment)): 5 Minutes Music Miracle, Interactive Itinerary around Times Square

  Fine Art Magazine, December, 2010
  Seoul, South Korea ----------------------> PDF

  g: Artist, Woojin Lee Interview
  Design + Culture Magazine, December, 2010
  Seoul, South Korea ----------------------> PDF



  Pratt News
  Communications Design Student Woojin Lee Wins Four Creativity International Awards
  New York, NY



 The 40th Creativity International Awards
  Platinum Award (Corporate Identity): Trash/Treasure
  Gold Award (Interior book design): From meat and tranny hookers to Highline, hipsters, and Samantha in "Sex and the City"
  Gold Award (Menus & Wine lists): Restaurant Valdrada Menus
  Silver Award (Poster Campaign): The Council on the Environment of Manhattan / NYGREEN2009 Campaign

  Floating Pixel workshop with Aaron Koblin
  MIT Senseable City Lab
  Cambridge, MA

[20100615 ~]
  Barnes & Noble Back to Campus collection
  “Designed by students, for students”
   New York, NY

[20100608 ~]
   NARI sushi Brand Identity (Work in process)
   Developing NARI sushi BI basic system & Application system
   Davis, CA


[20100405 - 20100408]
   TLA (Three-Letter Acronym) workshop
   with Experimental Jetset (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
   New York, NY

   "Pause" Acronym Flyer



[20100210 - 20100310]
  "What is Sustainability? Pratt Students Respond" exhibition
   The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery, Pratt Institute
   Trash/Trasure campaign (Honorable mentioned)
   New York, NY